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Electronic Health Record (EHR) - Vital for Chronic Care Management

Posted by Dr. Joseph F. West on Dec 14, 2016 1:15:00 PM

More primary care physicians (PCPs) and healthcare providers are using Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) than ever before. With the many anticipated changes in healthcare including value-based care and incentive payments related to health information technology growth in EMR/EHR use is expected to continue. There is a slight, but significant difference between EMR and EHR. Both are digital versions of the paper charts in the clinician’s office, hospital or other care settings, and each contains the medical and treatment history of patients. However, EHRs have the unique added feature of going beyond standard collected clinical data by providing a more comprehensive view of patient care. EHRs are designed to integrate information beyond the health organization to include other health care providers, such as laboratories and specialists, as well as referrals and assessments for social services and home care.

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